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In the Nuclear Energy field, specializing in nuclear submarines, nuclear reactors, radioactive waste, radioactive elements.

  • Technical Reports​

  • ​Feasibility Studies

  • Forensic Examination Reports

  • ​Seismic Survey Reports
  • Engineering Specifications
  • Patents
  • Operation Manuals
  • Technical Proposals
  • Catalogues
  • Installation Manuals 
  • Training Materials
  • Safety Manuals
  • User Guides

Providing professional translation and editing services of technical and engineering documents, including patents, specifications, operation manuals, training and marketing materials, user guides, and other types of technical documentation.  

Profound expertise in technical terminology specific to a business or industry sector. Special university-level training in technical translation.

Glossaries of technical terminology for each document are available upon request. 

Petroleum Engineering

​Exploration & Production






Seismic Surveys

​Nuclear Energy

Professional translation, editing, proofreading of technical documents, financial reports, contracts and agreements related to the Petroleum Industry.  

Specializing in the E&P sector, formation evaluation, exploration and appraisal, drilling activity, directional drilling operations and technologies, Rotary Steerable Systems, BHA configurations, drilling equipment, well construction, completion, and production, as well as offshore engineering, rigging, and piping.  

Specializing in the field of Oil & Gas Exploration, Geology, Geophysics, Seismic Surveys, providing the utmost quality, precision, and consistency of the translated documentation concerning exploratory processes of reservoirs and strata.​​

Oil & Gas and Technical Translations